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Eve Ink Books is a book creation, collaboration, and development company specializing in helping celebrities and established professionals manifest their book projects. Created by Eve Minkler (fka Eve Adamson), a nine-time New York Times bestselling author, Eve Ink Books is available on a limited basis for all levels of book project collaboration, including concept formation, ghostwriting, co-writing, and retooling existing manuscripts. Eve’s specialty areas include health, dieting, fitness, self-help, personal development, memoir, and fiction. She has co-authored with such celebrities and experts as TV star Bethenny Frankel, celebrity nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, actress Elisabeth Rohm, actress Jennifer Esposito, Lenox Hill Hospital cardiologist Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, functional medicine Dr. Terry Wahls of TedX fame, international fashion model Sarah Deanna, executive chef Melissa Kelly, and former New York Times restaurant critic Bryan Miller. To hire Eve, please contact Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management:

"Eve Adamson, my co-writer, you are the most patient, calm, and efficient writer who completely 'gets' it, me, and anything I want to express. I always write endlessly and give you a mess, and you happily and diligently structure it. You are so talented, and you know so much about everything that is important to me. You are my Bernie Taupin, and this will be a lifelong journey, so stay healthy!"

Bethenny Frankel, television personality

"EVE is the reason my book got finished! Great writer!"

Jennifer Esposito, award-winning actress and owner/proprietor of Jennifer’s Way Bakery

"Eve Adamson, you are my better half and helped me to find my truth."

Elisabeth Rohm, actress

“I am so grateful to Eve Adamson, for it is amazing to work with a writer who gets you, your voice, and your twisted sense of humor.”

Haylie Pomroy, celebrity nutritionist